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Welcome to our site!

We help to be healthy, beautiful and sexy.
“The man must be beautiful: the face, the clothes, the soul and the mind.” A. P.Chekhov

Our site is devoted to the health, beauty and inner harmony.
The quest for beauty and harmony of natural and inherent in all living things.

What is a beauty? And how it relates to the health?

There is beauty of speech, sound, there is the beauty of thoughts, feelings, relationships, and there is the beauty of form, color, external expressions.

Often the word beauty is associated exclusively with the outer beauty that we experience our senses: sight (color and shape), hearing (sound), olfactory (smell), touch (sensation of touch), the tongue (taste).
Thus, the concept of physical beauty is connected to the physical body: the beauty is a sign of good health.

However, there is a feedback: health, in turn, depends on the beauty, rather, on how we take care of it. Depends on the usefulness of the body of the procedures and tools, on whether they are in harmony with nature. Important not only to care for the body, but is balanced nutrition, proper operation of all organs.

There is another important component of health and beauty. This is the inner beauty that defines psycho-emotional background of our lives.

Inner beauty is manifested through the sphere of emotions, feelings, thoughts, and images, through habits, manners and behavior, as well as by the nature and relationships with others.

Beauty in all its diversity creates an incentive for creative expressions of love – the true element of beauty.

Harmony of man defines beauty outside, inner beauty and true beauty.

How to become a beautiful person? How to understand and accept their individuality?
How to take care of their health?
How to be happy and feel the harmony of the soul, the body and the external manifestation?

On this and many other things our site. Site with daily new publications!

You can ask any questions, suggest topics for new articles, speak at a forum on topics that interest you, select the desired health and beauty products, get great deals with great discounts and have fun on the game site for adults and children.

And that’s not all. In the nearby future we plan new sections for creativity, for people who want to publish their books, photo albums and unforgettable events of your life.

We wish you to enjoy, relax, and get useful and relevant information for you and your family, friends and loved ones.

Happiness, health and harmony in all things!

Happy Reading and Shopping!

My Ivushka team.